Supersonic passenger travel by 2029

Learn about the path to supersonic passenger flight with Boom’s SVP of Overture Development Brian Durrence.

The world’s fastest airliner, Overture, will carry passengers within the decade.

Boom’s SVP of Overture Development, Brian Durrence, has a clearly defined path for bringing the next supersonic airliner to the masses. Following the reveal of Boom’s supersonic demonstrator, XB-1, Durrence shared details of behind-the-scenes work taking place for Overture.

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“For years, Boom has been a two aircraft company,” Durrence began. “As we developed and tested XB-1, part of our team was working on Overture’s conceptual design.”

With the rollout of XB-1 now complete, the team now shifts focus to both XB-1’s flight testing program and finalizing Overture’s design. “When XB-1 begins flight testing next year,” said Durrence, “the Overture team will be conducting wind tunnel testing to validate our designs. As we finalize Overture’s airframe, XB-1 will be breaking the sound barrier.”

With much work happening concurrently between the two programs, the Boom team is able to continuously apply lessons from XB-1 to Overture, maximizing efficiency and saving critical time and cost.

Following XB-1’s supersonic flight program, Overture’s build will be priority focus. As Durrence explained, “By 2022, we will be preparing to break ground on Overture’s new production facility.” The first Overture will roll out of this facility in 2025 and afterwards, undergo an extensive test and certification program.

Ultimately, Boom expects to fly the first supersonic passengers by 2029. “With many exciting technical developments to come,” Durrence closed, “we’re eager to bring the benefits of supersonic flight to market and look forward to seeing you onboard.”


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