Speed isn't about going really fast...

...it's about the things it enables you to do

Do business in London and be home this evening

Imagine crossing the Atlantic, conducting business, and being home in time to tuck your kids into bed. Leave DC at 6:00am and make a 3:30pm meeting in central London. Take your clients out to dinner and still be back in DC by 7:30pm local.
Washington, DC to London
Depart Washington at 06:00
Arrive London at 14:32
Depart London at 21:00
Arrive Washington at 19:30
3:32Instead of 7:18

Start your adventure the same day

Today, many destinations just don’t make sense for a short weekend getaway. But at Mach 2.2, Hawaii is as accessible as wine country. Imagine leaving work a bit early on Friday afternoon and landing in Oahu before you left San Francisco. It’s 3:30pm local, and you’ve got time for a surfing lesson before taking in the sunset.
San Francisco to Hawaii
Depart San Francisco at 16:00 on Friday
Arrive Honolulu at 15:29
Depart Honolulu at 16:00 on Sunday
Arrive San Francisco at 21:29
2:29Instead of 5:02

Theres no replacement for real face time

Today, a Monday meeting in Asia means departing the US on Saturday. A single day of meetings demands a minimum of three days away. At Mach 2.2, you leave a whole day later; the entire trip—meetings and all—takes less time than today’s subsonic flights out and back, and you can even be home before jet lag sets in.
Los Angeles to Seoul
Depart Los Angeles at 09:00 on Sunday
Arrive Seoul at 07:06 local on Monday
Depart Seoul at 19:00 on Monday
Arrive Los Angeles at 09:06 local on Monday
6:06Instead of 12:10

Fall in love with someone on another continent

No relationship should be long-distance. When flights are twice as fast, the hours separating us melt away. We can fall in love across oceans and spend weekends together—without missing work.
Paris to Montreal
Depart Paris at 18:00 Friday
Arrive Montreal at 15:38 on Friday
Depart Montreal at 13:00 on Sunday
Arrive Paris at 22:38 Sunday
3:38Instead of 6:52

Far-off colleagues become familiar faces

If you live in Sydney, it’s hard to check in on your American office. Today, a round trip to America requires a minimum of 30 hours in the air—and you lose many more adjusting to the new time zone. At Mach 2.2, Australia is as close to America as Hawaii is today.
Sydney to Los Angeles
Depart Sydney at 18:30 on Monday
Arrive Los Angeles at 08:25 on Monday
Depart Los Angeles at 19:55 Monday
Arrive Sydney at 19:50 on Tuesday
6:55Instead of 14:55

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