Offsetting and Removals

We commit to carbon offsetting initiatives, including carbon avoidance offsets and removals — both integral in achieving net zero carbon by 2025.

Achieving Carbon Neutrality

Boom is committed to high-quality, nature-based offsets which involve the protection, restoration, or improved management of forests, wetlands, and other ecosystems. 

Pachama Partnership

In 2022, Boom purchased carbon credits from Pachama to offset residual, unavoidable emissions. Pachama utilizes the latest advancements in satellite imagery, remote sensing, and machine learning to rigorously evaluate the carbon stored in our forests and monitor forest growth over time. The selected forest conservation and restoration projects must meet core quality criteria for accuracy, additionality, durability, and net climate benefit, as well as offer additional biodiversity and community benefits beyond carbon. This approach elevates a subset of quality projects to ultimately advance a more transparent and high-integrity carbon market.

Carbon Removal Partners

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Key actions support progress toward net zero carbon by 2025 commitment By Ben Murphy, VP of Sustainability


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