Reducing Across Design, Build, and Flight

We prioritize emissions reductions in all stages of build, design, and flight — from sustainable manufacturing and supply chain to optimizing Overture for 100% SAF.


Optimized for economic and environmental sustainability, Overture’s new propulsion system is 100% SAF-compatible and will operate at net zero carbon. Symphony and Overture will meet all applicable noise and emission standards, including FAA and EASA existing engine certification requirements, and Chapter 14 noise levels for quiet operation.

Overture features a number of engineering innovations to achieve optimal performance and fuel efficiency, while meeting stringent safety and sustainability requirements. Boom is increasing fuel efficiency through innovations in fleet and route optimization.


In January 2022, Boom announced Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro, North Carolina, as the site of its first full-scale manufacturing facility, the Overture Superfactory. The Superfactory will be LEED Certified and powered by 100% renewable energy. It will be approximately 40% more energy efficient than other similar facilities, accomplished through high-efficiency heating and air conditioning, LED lighting, and improved insulation.

We work to select partners who prioritize sustainability and are committed to the development of sustainable technologies and product solutions. Periodically, Boom reviews and updates its supplier expectations and supply chain policy to ensure robustness in their commitment to addressing CO2 emissions reductions towards a net zero goal.
Our policy requires tier one suppliers to provide detailed information regarding:

  1. Emissions measurement, reduction, and reporting
  2. ESG reporting mechanisms
  3. Emissions reduction commitments, including SBTi.

Boom is proud to partner with world-class suppliers who are dedicated to a safe and sustainable future for aviation. Boom is continuing to secure new and expanded tier one relationships across our expanding global network of suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability.


In September 2022, Boom signed an offtake agreement with AIR COMPANY to purchase up to 5 million gallons of AIRMADE™ SAF on an annual basis over the duration of the Overture flight test program. Boom plans to collaborate with AIR COMPANY to advance 100% SAF as well as facilitate SAF supply for Boom airline customers.

In May 2023, Boom partnered on a SAF offtake agreement with Dimensional Energy to purchase up to 5 million gallons of SAF on an annual basis over the duration of the Overture flight test program. As a leader in power to liquid SAF technology and production, Dimensional Energy produces carbon neutral fuels and products by recycling carbon dioxide.

Accelerating Sustainable Aviation Fuel
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