Florida Turbine Technologies (FTT)




FTT Brings Deep Propulsion System Expertise Supporting the Design of Symphony

“The team at FTT has a decades-long history of developing innovative, high-performance propulsion solutions. We are proud to team with Boom and its Symphony partners and look forward to developing the first bespoke engine for sustainable, economical supersonic flight.”

Stacey Rock

President of Florida Turbine Technologies

Team Experience

Joe Brostmeyer


FTT founder with over 30 years of experience in aerospace and engine development; author of more than 20 patents 

Jason Kopko

Program Manager

25 years of experience in aerodynamic design and analysis of gas turbine engines and technical program management

Jesse Eng

Chief Engineer

Technical leader for F119 HPT design group; served as advisor to F135 LPT design group; several years experience working on commercial turbofan for the first 747 aircraft

Ed Kite

Lead Design Engineer

Designed, analyzed, and procurement of turbine components, including blades, vanes, and static cases for F119 and JSF119 engines

Frank Huber

Aerodynamics Senior Engineer

Performed aerodynamic design of HPT and LPT for the F119; on engine program from the conceptual design through production and flight phases

W. Brian Diggs

Structures  Lead

Performed F119 and F135 structural analysis of HPT and LPT blades and engine test support

Cheryl Schopf

Manager, Thermal Systems Group

Managed thermal analysis on F119; supported ground, altitude and flight tests of the prototype, development and EMD engines

George Obranic

Structures Chief Engineer

Performed F119 structural design from concept through EMD engine design validation prior to service release, which included initial ground test, flight prototype, and initial production configurations

John Orosa

Chief Engineer of Aerodynamics

Aero discipline leader for F119 fan; responsible for aero design & development of F119 fan from EMD into test phases

Ken Landis

Heat Transfer & Internal Flow Lead

Technical Supervisor for the successful cooling and durability designs, analysis, and demonstration for F119 turbine airfoils

Jeff Lovett

Combustion Lead

Executed F119 and F135 combustor and augmentor development; performed combustion testing and application of analytical tools for flame stability, ignition, acoustics and durability

Barry Brown

Turbine Aerodynamic Lead

Performed aerodynamic design of F119 HPT, LPT, and turbine exhaust case from F119 conceptual design through initial flight release

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