Boom leverages 3D printers to support frontline physicians

Boom, with the help of Stratasys, joins forces with Make4Covid to provide essential medical equipment to healthcare workers.

The additive manufacturing community is putting technology to work in the fight against COVID-19. At Boom, 3D printers are operating around the clock to produce headband pieces for physician face shields.

Nurses at Parker Hospital put Boom’s 3D printed headbands to quick use.

The efforts are led by Boom’s Principal Flight Test Engineer, Nick Sheryka, in support of the MakeForCovid initiative. “There’s a critical equipment shortage for Colorado’s healthcare workers,” said Sheryka. “MakeForCovid has enabled us to get necessary PPE into the hands of those who need it most.”

MakeForCovid, a grassroots organization connecting producers to healthcare professionals across Colorado, has unified hundreds of organizations like Boom and thousands of volunteers in the additive manufacturing community. To date, Boom has contributed more than 700 units.

Each of Boom’s three in-house Stratasys printers, the F370, F450, and F900, have been spooled up and utilized for the initiative. “Among the recipients of parts produced on our printers have been Children’s Hospital Anschutz Campus and Parker Hospital. The demand is huge, with over 26,000 units requested by medical centers in our area. Our team is working overtime to make certain we can support our healthcare workers, and still produce the necessary aircraft parts in our day-to-day,” said Sheryka.

Boom continues to print at a rate of 40 units per day, thanks to the collaboration of partners and the greater Boom network. “Our partner, Stratasys, generously donated filament material to Boom’s printers,” said Sheryka. “My personal home printer is running, and I know many of our other employees are doing the same as volunteers.”

With demand more urgent than ever, Boom plans to continue printing as long as necessary. “We’ve printed and shipped more than 700 pieces of equipment”, said Sheryka. “We are getting better at printing these parts, and thankful for the opportunity to contribute to frontline healthcare workers in a meaningful way.”

Are you a maker or manufacturer? The Make4Covid community is full of people who 3D print, sew, and laser cut to create face shield components. Learn more about how you can help at


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