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Flying supersonic

Why supersonic flight?

We believe that life is better lived in person. Our mission at Boom is to make the world dramatically more accessible. Sustainable supersonic travel enables three-day business trips to become one-day hops, long distance relationships to thrive, and humanitarian missions to save more lives.

What will the onboard experience be like?

We’re designing the end-to-end passenger experience to provide a tranquil, stress-free journey from the moment you step aboard Overture. Imagine a large personal window, allowing you to take in the stunning views of the Earth from 60,000 feet. You’ll enjoy ample space for work or relaxation, a large entertainment screen, and dedicated underseat storage. We are also exploring new innovations to enhance health, safety, and comfort for passengers.

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What does it feel like to fly supersonically?

Supersonic aircraft fly higher than existing airliners, cruising at up to 60,000 feet. At this altitude, you fly above most of the turbulence, allowing a smoother ride than on subsonic aircraft. Looking out your window, you will see the darkness of space above you and the curvature of the Earth below.

Passengers will not hear or feel anything associated with the plane breaking the sound barrier.

How much will tickets cost?

Final ticket prices will be set by airlines, but we’re designing Overture to allow airlines to offer fares comparable to today’s business class. Our long-term vision is that the fastest flight is also the most affordable.

Is it safe to fly supersonically?

Yes! Boom is building an aircraft that will meet all federal regulations, including the rigorous FAA certification program. Boom’s in-house safety program ensures we meet or exceed all safety standards for XB-1, our demonstrator aircraft, and Overture, our commercial airliner. Overture is built on three core design principles: safety, sustainability, and speed.

Are there health concerns associated with supersonic flight?

No. In fact, we’re designing Overture to provide an even healthier onboard experience than today’s subsonic jets. Overture will likely be the first new commercial aircraft brought to market after COVID-19 and is designed to minimize potential health risks to passengers in the event of another pandemic. We’re keeping air quality and cleanliness in mind through innovations like touchless controls for passengers.

Overture and XB-1

What is the difference between Overture and XB-1?

Overture is our flagship aircraft, a supersonic commercial airplane that will carry up to 88 passengers. We are designing Overture to industry-leading standards of speed, safety, and sustainability.

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XB-1 is our demonstrator aircraft, letting us test supersonic design and technologies that will help us as we develop Overture. XB-1 has already given us valuable lessons that we have used to inform the design of Overture.

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When will supersonic flights start?

Overture is slated to roll out in 2025, begin test flights in 2026, and carry passengers by 2029.

Our XB-1 demonstrator rolled out on October 7, 2020 and is currently in ground testing. XB-1 test flights are planned for early 2022.

Will Overture use afterburners like Concorde?

No. Overture’s medium-bypass turbofan engines will maximize fuel efficiency while minimizing community noise impacts.

What kind of certification will XB-1 and Overture receive?

Because XB-1 is a demonstrator aircraft, we will seek an FAA airworthiness certificate in the experimental R&D category.

As a large transport aircraft, Overture will go through the same FAA certification process as all other commercial airplanes flying today. This program includes putting the aircraft through lightning strikes, heavy crosswinds, extreme hot and cold temperatures, and simulated emergencies.

Will Boom require special ground equipment or runways?

No. Overture will be fully compatible with existing ground support equipment, gates, and runways. It will be able to operate out of major international airports without any modifications to terminal design or runway length.

What is the aircraft's range? How will you handle longer transpacific routes?

Overture is designed to fly 4,250 nautical miles. With this range, Overture can fly nonstop on routes like Atlanta to London or Seattle to Tokyo. For longer routes, Overture may require a refueling stop.

That said, about 65% of viable routes can be flown nonstop. The Overture refueling process is designed to take just 30 minutes and is already accounted for in our twice-as-fast travel times.

Will your aircraft be offered as a private jet?

Our focus with Overture is to develop a sustainable, profitable supersonic airplane for airline customers. However, we are also exploring modifications to the airplane for corporate, private, cargo, and government executive transport customers.

Supersonic economics

Why did it take so long to bring supersonic flight back after the Concorde?

Today, there’s both the market demand and the technology to enable mainstream supersonic travel. Technology and materials have advanced enough that we can build faster and more efficient supersonic airplanes while taking care of the planet. Additionally, business and leisure travel has continued to grow, and travelers are willing to pay for speed.

Environmentally, Overture is the first supersonic airplane designed with a focus on sustainability from day one. We are optimizing the airplane to accommodate 100% sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and facilitate net-zero carbon operations.

How will Boom succeed from a business and economic perspective when Concorde failed?

Concorde was a technological marvel when it first flew more than fifty years ago. But the aircraft was notoriously unsustainable, both environmentally and economically. Because of these shortcomings, Concorde could not achieve widespread commercial success.

Boom was founded on the principles of speed, safety, and sustainability. These have been design imperatives for Overture from day one. We are leveraging more than fifty years of advancements in aerodynamics, materials, and propulsion to build economically and environmentally viable supersonic airplanes.

We’re also investing in customer research to ensure that Overture finds product-market fit. Over the past several years, we have worked closely with potential airline customers and their passengers to understand the market and design a highly sought-after airplane.

Noise levels

How is Boom dealing with the sonic boom?

Overture will fly at subsonic speeds over land and near coasts, so people on the ground will not be exposed to sonic booms.

Over the ocean, Overture will cruise at supersonic speeds, cutting many flight times in half. Passengers won’t notice when the airplane breaks the sound barrier, which will be inaudible and uneventful.

What about takeoff noise?

Takeoff and landing noise reduction has been a major design success for our Overture team. The airplane will meet the same regulatory noise levels as new subsonic aircraft.

The environment

What steps is Boom taking to make supersonic travel environmentally sustainable?

Boom is implementing a lifecycle approach to sustainability, with the unique opportunity of incorporating sustainability into our clean sheet aircraft, Overture, from day one.

Overture is designed to run 100% on Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) and will be net-zero carbon.

Boom is planning a LEED-certified assembly line, and Overture will be designed with aircraft end-of-life recycling in mind.

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For our fans

Where can I buy Boom merchandise?

For Boom t-shirts, models or other merchandise, visit our online store.

Can I invest in the company?

Boom remains a privately-held company with financial backing from world-class venture capital firms, individual investors, and future airline customers. For more information about investing in Boom, please contact

Do you offer tours of your headquarters or hangar?

At this time, we don’t offer tours to the general public. Follow us on social media to see our progress with XB-1 Overture.

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