Meet XB-1

Boom's supersonic demonstrator
Our journey to supersonic flight

XB-1's build is nearing completion.

Our goal? Prove key technologies for safe, efficient and sustainable supersonic travel.

Faster travel brings the worlds people, cultures, and experiences within reach. Life happens in person, and at Boom we see breaking the time barrier as a moral imperative. XB-1 is the first step in bringing supersonic travel back to the world.

-- Blake Scholl, Founder and CEO
With the successful completion of XB-1’s wing install, the canoe-shaped fuselage begins to take the final shape of a supersonic aircraft.
The forward fuselage rests in the assembly cradle, where all final systems installations will take place.
The wings are officially closed and all internal systems are installed. The next step is for the wing structure to be tested and installed into the fuselage.
With a spectacular Colorado sunrise as their backdrop, Boom team members started the first phase in the bonding of XB-1's cockpit and nose landing gear into the fuselage skin: sanding with a grit blast. Work then moved into the hangar as bonding got underway.
From the balcony overlooking Boom's hangar floor, you can identify XB-1's nose, cockpit, main landing gear bay structure, wings & tooling for its nearly 50-foot forward fuselage.
XB-1 will be equipped with a forward-looking visual system to give our pilots maximum visibility from the cockpit. A center screen on the instrument panel displays real-time footage from cameras attached to the nose and landing gear.
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