Overture Superfactory Construction Completed: June 17, 2024

“Construction of the Overture Superfactory represents a major milestone toward ensuring the United States’ continued leadership in aerospace manufacturing. Supersonic flight will transform air travel, and Overture provides a much-needed innovative alternative for airlines across the globe.”

Blake Scholl


Building the Future of Flight

Aircraft produced at the Superfactory will bring vital innovation to aviation and set a new standard for global air travel. The first assembly line will produce 33 Overture supersonic aircraft annually. A planned second assembly line will double aircraft production to 66 each year.

Delivering Supersonic Flight
to the World

The Overture Superfactory site houses the final assembly line, test facility, and customer delivery center for the world’s leading airlines. Overture aircraft produced at the Superfactory will serve hundreds of millions of passengers across their lifetime. 

American Leadership in Aerospace Manufacturing

The Superfactory will play an integral role in America’s continued leadership in aerospace manufacturing. Economists estimate the manufacturing program will grow North Carolina’s economy by at least $32.3 billion over 20 years, adding more than 2,400 jobs.

Committed to an Efficient Superfactory

The Overture Superfactory will be LEED certified and 40% more energy efficient when compared to similar manufacturing facilities. The Superfactory will incorporate urban heat mitigation materials, high-efficiency LED lighting, and water conservation systems to reduce energy and water consumption.

Taking Flight in North Carolina

The Overture Superfactory will build on North Carolina’s distinguished history of aviation innovation, including the Wright Brothers flying the world’s first engine-powered airplane 
in Kitty Hawk in 1903. The supersonic airliner factory also positions the region to be an 
aerospace leader well into the future.

“As the state that was first in flight, North Carolina is excited to see Boom’s progress toward delivering the world’s first sustainable supersonic airliner. Our state has the skilled workforce, infrastructure and perfect location to help Boom revolutionize air travel.”

Governor Roy Cooper


“The Piedmont Triad region is an economic powerhouse, helping solidify North Carolina’s place as the top state for business. Boom’s Overture Superfactory, which will produce a paradigm-changing airliner, showcases the new and innovative projects that are bringing jobs and investment here.”

Senator Phil Berger


Supersonic Construction: Groundbreaking to Completion

Overture Superfactory construction was completed in less than 17 months after breaking ground. Boom will now focus on installing tooling and operationalizing production.

Live Blog: Construction Progression

See Overture Superfactory construction, from breaking ground to completion in June 2024.

Supersonic Travel Returns

It has been 45 years since the last Concorde was built and two decades since its retirement. The completion of the Overture Superfactory paves the way for the return of supersonic travel that is more affordable, more convenient, and more sustainable.

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