Live Blog: Overture Superfactory Construction Progress

See construction updates on the final assembly line, on track for completion in 2024

Overture Superfactory render, showing the final supersonic assembly line in Greensboro, North Carolina.

In 2022, Boom Supersonic announced the Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro, North Carolina as the home to the Overture Superfactory. Soon after, in January 2023, construction began on the site. This was an important milestone as Overture continues to advance toward production. Boom provided a detailed look at the facility progress being made during the 2023 Paris Air Show, along with significant Symphony and Overture program advances. 

Boom is building the campus in sections, focusing first on the final assembly line, which is roughly 150,000 square feet with an additional 24,000 square feet of office space. As of this July, the facility continues to take shape.

Follow along here, where we’ll be sharing updates to the Overture Superfactory construction between now and the completion in 2024. 

April 2023: Hangar door foundation build is underway.

April 2023: Hangar door foundation build is underway.

“Boom is on the leading edge of returning supersonic commercial passenger service. And such innovative, imaginative aerospace companies that will define the next century of aviation are precisely the type of partner we want on the airport,” said Kevin Baker, Executive Director of Piedmont Triad International Airport.

May 2023: Foundation rails are placed for the Boom Supersonic Superfactory.

May 2023: Foundation rails are placed.

“The first assembly line here at the Superfactory campus is designed to produce up to 33 aircraft per year. We have plans on this campus for a second assembly line, which will allow us to double production to a rate of 66 aircraft per year. Construction as we sit here today is well underway. It’s on track to be complete in the middle of next year,” said Blake Scholl, Boom founder and CEO, at the Paris Air Show press conference.

June 2023: The back bone of the Boom Supersonic Superfactory structure is erected.

June 2023: The backbone of the structure is erected.

July 2023: Additional trusses and floor preparation underway.

July 2023: Boom Supersonic Superfactory South exterior wall. 

July 2023: Superfactory South exterior wall.

August 2023: Interior view.

August 2023: The steel trusses are up, the roofing and exterior walls are being installed, and the first concrete slab was poured.

September 2023: We celebrated “topping out” at the Overture Superfactory.

In September, we commemorated a construction milestone by “topping out” the Overture Superfactory when the final structural beam was raised into place, completing the building’s frame. This milestone comes after Boom recently finished the decking on top of the structure and has begun installing the metal side panels which make up the walls. The pouring of concrete flooring slabs was also started in recent weeks. With a significant portion of the exterior building constructed, the Overture Superfactory continues to take shape and remains on track for completion in 2024.

“We continue to be pleased with the progress on the Overture Superfactory, our final assembly line for Overture. This milestone is a testament to the hard work of the numerous trade teams who are building the Superfactory, and marks an important step forward in building the sustainable supersonic future in the Piedmont Triad.”

– Chris Taylor, vice president of manufacturing at Boom Supersonic

October 2023: View from the Southwest corner of the Superfactory site. Parking lot stone sub base and office framing has begun.

November 2023: View of the hangar door.

December 2023: View from inside the Superfactory.

January 2024: Exterior view of the Superfactory.

February 2024: View of the Overture Superfactory.

March 2024: View of the Overture Superfactory with outdoor lighting and sidewalk installation underway.

Image credit: Tim French with American Aerial

May 2024: Lighting is installed, offices are substantially completed, and the sidewalk is complete.

Looking ahead to the Overture Superfactory completion

Committed to a sustainable supersonic Superfactory

Sustainability is at the core of Boom’s work, as it is for our construction partner, BE&K Building Group. The Overture Superfactory is projected to be at least 40% more energy efficient than similar facilities. We can accomplish this with high-efficiency heating and air conditioning, LED lighting, and improved insulation. We are also evaluating other innovative sustainability measures. That includes onsite carbon sequestration and zero-waste products.

The Overture Superfactory will be LEED certified and energy efficient. This plays an integral role in Boom’s path to net zero carbon by 2025. Read more in the 2022 Environmental Sustainability Report


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