Accelerating the path to sustainable travel
For Boom, our environmental sustainability priorities stem from an ambitious but achievable commitment to net zero carbon by 2025 and an approach rooted in driving systematic change. We intend to go beyond our own goals to create impact at scale, mobilizing our value chain, collaborating with stakeholders across the global travel ecosystem, and leading advocacy efforts to advance sustainable travel.

Net zero carbon

We are achieving net zero carbon in Overture’s design, build, flight, and end-of-life recycling by reducing emissions and using renewables to power manufacturing. We are building for a future of 100% sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) by partnering with AIR COMPANY, who will provide 5 million gallons of AIRMADE™ SAF per year over the duration of the Overture flight test program. We are also participating in the Frontier program through our partnership with Watershed to accelerate permanent carbon removal across industries, taking another step toward our commitment to net zero by 2025.

Future-forward on SAF

We are driving 100% SAF via collaborations on approval and certification, and advocating for policies to help scale SAF in Washington, D.C. Our work with stakeholders facilitates SAF supply and our partnerships with airlines emphasize SAF use and net zero carbon Overture flights.

Noise reduction

We are designing Overture to meet or exceed all current and anticipated noise rules to mitigate community noise impacts and will only fly supersonic over water to avoid sonic boom impacts over land. We are supporting the development of global environmental standards for supersonic airplanes at International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Decarbonizing aviation

Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is the most promising solution for decarbonizing aviation. As one of the hardest to decarbonize sectors, aviation is responsible for 2-3% of global CO2 emissions.

SAF is an immediately available “drop-in fuel,” used without changing existing aircraft and infrastructure. It’s made from renewable feedstocks, like algae, waste oils, or forest residue—and even through direct carbon capture.

As a sustainable substitute for jet fuel, SAF can currently reduce carbon emissions by up to 80%, with future SAF technologies achieving truly net zero carbon operation.

Boom’s sustainability strategy is centered on leveraging and accelerating SAF solutions. Overture will be optimized to run on 100% SAF, and will be compatible with the next generation, truly net zero SAF of the future. Overture’s flight test program will be powered by AIR COMPANY’s AIRMADE™ SAF.

Driving systemic change
Our approach creates systemic change and we go beyond our commitment to achieve net carbon zero by 2025.

Interface with global legislators and regulatory bodies to advance SAF and sustainable aviation

Working with environmentally-forward organizations to accelerate a net zero carbon future
Air Company
Developing Sustainable Aviation Fuel made from CO2
Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association
Leveraging industry best practices for aircraft recycling
ASTM International
Supporting approval of next generation SAF
Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative
Helping facilitate SAF supply
Prometheus Fuels
Fueling sustainable, supersonic flight
Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials
Collaborating on global policies to promote SAF
Sustainable Aviation Buyers Alliance
Accelerating the transition to net zero aviation
United Airlines
Committed to net zero carbon Overture operations
Accelerating carbon measurement and reduction
The Sustainable Travel Forum

Charting the path to regenerative travel

The Sustainable Travel Forum unites leaders and experts from travel, aviation, and mobility sectors under a collective mission: to build the future of sustainable travel, through action, advocacy and innovation.

Founding Members
Tori Emerson Barnes
Executive Vice President, Public Affairs and Policy, U.S. Travel Association
Tori Emerson Barnes
Tim Brown
Executive Chair, IDEO and Vice Chair, kyu Collective
Tim Brown
Brandt Hastings
Chief Commercial Officer, Volta Charging
Brandt Hastings
Andrew Hogg
Executive General Manager, Eastern Markets & Aviation, Tourism Australia
Andrew Hogg
Philippe Karam
Director, Global Fleet & Aviation Sourcing, Amazon Air
Philippe Karam
Marcus Lockett
Director, ESG Strategy & Reporting, Archer
Marcus Lockett
Nora Lovell Marchant
VP of Global Sustainability, American Express Global Business Travel
Nora Lovell Marchant
Dr. Lourdes Maurice
Former Executive Director, FAA Office of Environment and Energy
Dr. Lourdes Maurice
Rob McGinnis
CEO, Prometheus Fuels
Rob McGinnis
Jerry Mpufane
President, North America, South African Tourism
Jerry Mpufane
Ben Murphy
VP, Sustainability, Boom Supersonic
Ben Murphy
Hideki Ochiai
Vice President, Sustainability, ESG Promotion Department, Japan Airlines
Hideki Ochiai
Lauren Riley
Chief Sustainability Officer, United Airlines
Lauren Riley
Brian Ripsin
Sustainability Manager Americas, Shell Aviation
Brian Ripsin
Madge Thomas
President, American Express Foundation and Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, American Express
Madge Thomas
Sheelagh Wylie
Chief Marketing Officer, Americas, Visit Britain
Sheelagh Wylie
Net Good Summit
This October, Boom will host global sustainability thought leaders from more than 50 companies to accelerate the path to net zero travel. This 2nd Annual Summit will focus on three themes critical to creating systemic change in sustainable travel: enabling the exponential growth of sustainable technologies, integrating sustainability across the travel journey, and engaging and educating the traveler.

Sustainability publications

Supersonic Air Travel Fuel Consumption

Boom compares fuel consumption in today’s premium subsonic cabin to an all-premium Overture aircraft.

Scaling Sustainable Aviation Fuel Production

Boom examines how proven renewable energy trajectories can be applied to the SAF industry to support exponential scaling of production.

Environmental Sustainability Report

Boom’s 2021 report details our holistic approach to environmental well-being and commitment to a scalable and sustainable future for travel.

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