Booms commitment to sustainability

Boom is the first commercial aircraft manufacturer to incorporate sustainability into vehicle design from day one. Our holistic approach encompasses how we test our aircraft, design our production facility, plan for aircraft end-of-life recycling, and more.
100% carbon neutral
100% carbon-neutral XB-1 test program, both on the ground and in the air.
Alternative fuel
Partnerships with alternative fuel companies and collaboration with Rolls-Royce to drive mainstream adoption of environmentally-sustainable propulsion.
Dedicated team
Dedicated team, including a Head of Sustainability, to interface across the company, ensuring environmental considerations are part of key decisions at Boom.

Our vision is to make Earth more accessible. Its fundamental that we take great care of it, too.

-- Blake Scholl, Founder & CEO

Our approach

To build a sustainable supersonic airplane, Boom includes environmental and social considerations in every step of the program.


Sustainable aviation fuels

We successfully tested XB-1’s engines using alternative fuels, and we’ve partnered with Prometheus Fuels to deliver low-carbon fuel during the XB-1 program.

Efficient prototyping and tooling

We leverage 3D printing to reduce research and development costs, enabling Boom to avoid materially-wasteful, transport-intensive design iteration.

Planning for LEED-certification

Work is well underway to plan and design a LEED-certified production facility that takes advantage of clean electricity generation.


We drive towards the most resource-efficient path, which often includes repurposing tooling for new applications. After creating XB-1's wing skins, we repurposed the carbon laminating tools into vacuum assembly fixtures.


Long before assembling the first Overture, we’re incorporating “design for recycling” principles into the aircraft and engines, considering ease of dismantling among other strategies to minimize the waste generated after the airplane’s useful life.

A dedicated sustainability team

Our team brings decades of experience building sustainability organizations and helping shape strong environmental regulation.
Raymond Russell
Head of Sustainability and Environmental Initiatives
Raymond Russell
Andreas Hardeman
Head of European Policy
Andreas Hardeman
Rachel Devine
Head of U.S. Policy
Rachel Devine
Dr. Lourdes Maurice
Dr. Lourdes Maurice

Membership and collaboration

To support the advancement and adoption of sustainable alternative fuels in commercial aviation, Boom is proud to work with a number of environmentally-forward organizations, including:


Pioneering clean, safe, cutting-edge technologies to meet the planet’s vital power needs.


Driving the development of the bioeconomy for a better world through certification, sustainability solutions, innovation and partnerships.


Bringing commercially viable, sustainable, alternative jet fuels to the marketplace through the coalition of aviation stakeholders.
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