In a Supersonic Era, The Possibilities are Game-Changing

And reach well beyond a music icon flying supersonic to the Super Bowl.

Boom’s mission is to make the world dramatically more accessible. But we aren’t just focused on enabling passengers to get from point A to B (and sometimes C) faster, it’s about enabling millions of people to explore the world more easily and deeply, to connect more readily with cultures, colleagues, and loved ones across the globe, and to unlock new destinations and possibilities. Flying at 2x the speed of today’s passenger airliners onboard Overture, the world’s fastest airliner – optimized for speed, safety, and sustainability, has the power to open up the world for all. 

In a Supersonic Era, no more midnights becoming your afternoons, Taylor Swift. 

This creates a future where the speed of sound is not a barrier, but a gateway to experiences and opportunity. For Taylor Swift, this could mean less time in the air and more time to explore tour cities and engage with fans. More opportunities to share her music in new and different cities. Or more time at home to rest and recharge. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the game-changing possibilities of sustainable supersonic flight.

The Jet Age’s Impact

You only need to look back to the advent of the Jet Age in the mid-20th century to get a sense of the revolutionary impact a new speed-up in air travel could bring about. The jet engine powered a paradigm shift that led to a surge in cultural exchange. Legendary bands like the Beatles were able to embark on the first ever world tour, connecting with fans across continents, paving the way for the international tours that have become commonplace today. Hawaii became an accessible tourist destination. Companies like Nike were able to build a global supply chain and presence. 

With Overture and the realization of sustainable supersonic air travel, there’s an opportunity to harness next generation speed and sustainability to advance the ways we connect with others, experience the world, and conduct business. A world where artists bring their music closer to fans in further corners of the world, remote destinations are unlocked as tourist hubs, national sports become increasingly international, and the barriers for conducting international business and diplomacy are significantly reduced.   

Unlocking Destinations

Much like how the Jet Age transformed travel, supersonic flight brings the opportunity to make once-distant destinations more accessible. Hawaii, once a remote paradise, became a hotspot for tourists with the accessibility of faster air travel. Onboard Overture, we can expect a new wave of tourism, unlocking the potential of hard-to-reach or untapped destinations. 

In 2019 (pre-Covid) an estimated 0.2% of Americans traveled to Australia. What happens when you can get there from Los Angeles in about 9 hours instead of 15+? Despite what you might think, Americans have a strong desire to travel outside of the US and across the globe. According to a Pew study, roughly three-quarters of Americans (76%) have visited at least one other country, including 26% who have been to five or more. 

The demand is clear – and supersonic opens up the opportunity for people to experience cultures and continents in-person. More destinations become within reach, more cultures become touchable, and more real life connections can be made.

Making National Sports International

The world of sports is primed for the power of supersonic travel. As professional Leagues and teams look to expand their appeal and value globally, supersonic can be industry-transforming. Teams and athletes can compete globally without the constraints of time or the need for added recovery time, opening up new avenues for international competitions. The Olympics and other global events could become even more inclusive, and major sporting events like the Super Bowl could be hosted in international locations. The advantage of speed means the advantage of accessibility for both players and spectators. 

It’s not long before a “World Champion” is just that – the best in the world, not just in their country. 

Connecting through Politics and Business

During the Covid-19 pandemic, pundits predicted that Zoom would radically change the business landscape and replace the need to meet face to face. We’ve since come to better understand the limitations of trying to conduct business in 2D vs. 3D. Today, business travel is surging back to pre-pandemic levels, both in numbers and perceived value. A recently published Skift and Navan survey of 689 corporate travel and finance managers and 778 business travelers, who were primarily based in the U.S., UK, France, and Germany, affirmed the critical importance of business travel to company growth as numbers return to pre-pandemic heights.

Supersonic opens up the opportunity for more in-person international meetings, fostering global cooperation without sacrificing time. Supersonic travel can redefine the concept of a global marketplace by reducing the time it takes to conduct business across borders. Diplomats, executives, and entrepreneurs can explore new opportunities, attend crucial meetings, and foster innovation with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

And time saved, is life gained. Imagine a day-trip from Boston to London and back home in time to tuck your kids into bed. 

Overture’s Supersonic Era

Concorde reminds us that supersonic travel is possible, and not merely about speed but about transcending boundaries – whether they are cultural, geographical, or diplomatic. Now Overture will demonstrate that it’s both economically viable and environmentally sustainable. From an economics standpoint, Overture marries speed with efficiency, leveraging modern technologies to ensure affordability for passengers and profitability for airlines. Boom has identified 600+ routes across the globe, with the potential to reach tens of millions of passengers. American, United, and Japan Airlines have already made commitments to Overture, bringing the aircraft’s order book to 130 orders and pre-orders. 

As for environmental sustainability, Overture is optimized for 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Supersonic travel can transform how we think about distance and enable millions of global travelers to connect more deeply with the people and places that matter most to them – all while prioritizing sustainability. Boom has secured 10 million gallons of net zero carbon SAF per year from Dimensional Energy and AIR COMPANY for the duration of the Overture flight test program. Both companies produce sustainable fuels from waste CO2 using only renewable energy, allowing Boom to directly close the carbon loop. 

Boom’s core principle of sustainability extends to noise as well, integrating noise reducing technologies into the design of Overture as well as its propulsion system, SymphonyTM. Overture will have a landing and takeoff noise output similar to today’s subsonic long-haul aircraft. Noise-reducing features include engine updates—without afterburners—and an automated noise reduction system, ensuring that supersonic takeoff is no louder than today’s largest subsonic jets for airports and surrounding communities.

As you can see, whether you’re a Swiftie, a football fan, or neither, the sky is not just the limit – it is the pathway to the beginning of a faster and more connected world for all. Are you ready for it?


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