Overture Changes the Game

Supersonic speeds can accelerate the global growth of sports and give true meaning to the term, World Champions

Boom Supersonic’s mission is to make the world dramatically more accessible. Flying at twice the speed of today’s passenger airliners onboard Overture, the world’s fastest airliner – optimized for speed, safety, and sustainability – has the power to open up the world in ways we haven’t seen before. 

Supersonic air travel unlocks new destinations and possibilities, enabling millions of passengers to connect more readily with people, cultures, and colleagues across the globe. The impact will be transformative across industries, from global business and tourism to entertainment. One industry poised to realize the benefits of supersonic travel is sports. As professional leagues and teams look to grow the value and appeal of their brands outside of their home countries, Overture breaks down travel barriers, enabling competition to take place across continents, the creation of international divisions, and increased fan passion and participation.

With the playoffs in full swing for the National Basketball Association (NBA) and  National Hockey League (NHL) and the Paris Olympics right around the corner, we are reminded that sports are a galvanizing force, and that Overture can play a game-changing role as leagues, teams, and athletes transcend borders to compete on a global playing field.  

Making national sports truly international

The world of sports is primed for the power of sustainable supersonic travel, which will accelerate plans that are already in play. As professional sports leagues and teams in the United States look to expand their appeal and value globally, supersonic speeds can literally change the landscape of sports. The advantage of speed means the advantage of accessibility – for teams, athletes, and fans. 

Leagues are already going to great lengths to establish presence and development systems across the world. For example, the National Football League (NFL) has a developmental league in Australia, bringing international players into the sport. The Premier League runs a full slate of exhibition “friendlies” in the United States each summer to build fan engagement and create new revenue streams. Today, the barriers to realizing true globalization are travel and time.

The NBA has prioritized building their teams on an international platform since the 1990s and boasts a high number of players from outside the U.S. While the NBA has arguably the longest-standing focus on going global, they still only play two in-season games outside the U.S., as they contend with player load management challenges and time constraints exacerbated by today’s subsonic travel times.

It’s not long before a “World Champion” is just that – the best team in the world, not just in their country.

When it becomes possible to reach Europe or Asia from the U.S. in about half the time onboard Overture, teams can compete globally in consequential games without the constraints of grueling travel schedules and the need for added recovery time. Overture opens up new avenues for international competitions – the Olympics, World Cup, F1 racing, and other international events would become even more inclusive, and major domestic sporting events like the Super Bowl or the World Series could be hosted in exciting destinations around the world.

As sports globalize, speed becomes a competitive advantage

Currently, each of North America’s “Big Four” leagues is focused on increased international competition and even team expansion into new regions of the world. 

The National Football League has steadily increased its in-season international schedule. Dating back to 2005, a total of 50 international regular season games have been played, with host cities that include London (36 games), Toronto (6), Mexico City (5), Frankfurt (2) and Munich (1). 

The Jacksonville Jaguars have already played 11 in-season games in London with two more trips to the U.K. on the 2024 NFL schedule, which also includes games in Munich and Sao Paulo. With supersonic travel on Overture, the Jaguars and their fans would get to London in 4:15 hours instead of 8:35, significantly faster than it takes to travel to west coast games today. 

For the NFL teams slated for international play in 2024, flights on Overture would reduce their total travel time by approximately 65 hours.
Starting in 2025, the NFL has announced that it will move to eight international games each season, the most the league has ever held outside of the U.S. Image credit: NFL

The NBA plays two regular season international games each season, most recently in Mexico City and Paris. The league remains highly mindful of the impact of extended travel on players. “It’s a balance,” NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said with respect to international regular season games in late 2023 on NBC Sports Boston’s coverage of a Celtics-Knicks game. “But we are very much a global league.” Supersonic flight will offer drastically shorter time in transit to international destinations, significantly reducing schedule disruption and the recovery time required when players return home to continue their seasons. 

This past January, the Brooklyn Nets traveled to Paris to play the Cleveland Cavaliers. A supersonic flight would have taken the team 3:50, instead of what was a nearly 7-hour flight. Photo credit: NBA. 

Already a sport with strong international roots with players coming from Canada, eastern Europe, and Russia and several years of successful Global Series held across Europe, speculation is growing that the National Hockey League may grow its number of teams by locating teams outside of North America. With sustainable supersonic travel in play, this could lead to a world where fans travel to international destinations in no more time than it takes to travel within the states today, and where teams based abroad easily travel to the U.S. for games as part of their regular season. 

As part of Major League Baseball’s (MLB) continued efforts to broaden its international appeal, this season’s inaugural games between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres were played in Seoul, South Korea. Tickets sold out in just 8 minutes and faithful U.S. fans spent more than 13 hours in the air each way between southern California and Seoul to watch their teams play abroad while getting to experience the food, history, and culture of South Korea. Supersonic travel would make trips like this much more routine for Dodgers and Padres players and fans.  

Soaring through the skies, Overture could someday feature the colors and insignia of a favorite team or sports league.

With team ownership groups increasingly operating multinational teams across different sports leagues, Overture can support their travel across continents. Multiple U.S.-based ownership groups have financial stakes in both American and international franchises. This includes Fenway Sports Group whose franchises include MLB’s Boston Red Sox, the Premier League’s Liverpool F.C., and the NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins, Shahid Khan, principal owner of the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham F.C. from the Premier League, and Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, which is the holding company for franchises that include Arsenal F.C. (Premier League), the Los Angeles Rams (NFL), Denver Nuggets (NBA), and Colorado Avalanche (NHL).

Global events become dramatically more accessible

Sporting events that are already inherently global, such as the Olympics, World Cup, and Formula 1, can also capitalize on supersonic speed as a competitive advantage. Cutting travel times in half will transform the experience of attending and competing in global sporting events.

All eyes are on Paris as the destination for the 2024 Summer Olympic games. Athletes often struggle with jet lag and the physical impact of travel during international competitions. During a truly global event like the Olympics, athletes travel from the far reaches of the globe to compete against the best in the world. It is absolutely critical that they arrive feeling their best in order to perform at the top of their respective games.

The revival of supersonic air travel means not only less time in the air, but also more time on the ground getting acclimated and preparing for their competitions. Overture can facilitate travel for fans as well, increasing support for competitors from more distant countries.

Supersonic travel is in play

Supersonic air travel offers fans and teams faster access to the world and provides athletes with the ability to perform better and recover faster. In a supersonic age, the world of sports can become truly global. World championships become literal, national leagues go international, and passionate fans can connect with their favorite teams and fellow fans in a whole new way.

Image credit: REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi

Said simply, supersonic travel onboard Overture can be a game-changer.


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