The Inspiration Behind Our Supersonic Goals

Boom engineers share what inspires them about the return of supersonic commercial travel.

Supersonic travel isn’t just about getting to a destination faster. For the Boom team, the significance of supersonic runs deep. It encompasses a host of meaningful goals, including keeping families more connected and fostering deeper ties between communities and cultures.

What’s the inspiration behind these supersonic goals? Read on to learn what drives five engineers to build the supersonic future.

“Supersonic travel means pushing boundaries and accomplishing what was previously impossible. While I love to dive into the technical aspects, I am also inspired by the goal of reducing travel times to make the world more accessible and familiar. I hope that mainstream supersonic flight fosters better understanding and appreciation of our neighbors and the amazing planet that we all share.” — Aerodynamics Engineer Marshall Gusman

Aerodynamics engineer Marshall Gusman is leading the preliminary design of Boom’s supersonic airliner, Overture. He works with teams across the organization to develop the best overall aircraft design to meet every requirement.

“What inspires me most about the return of supersonic flight is bringing people together and making the world a more connected place. As a kid with divorced parents, I remember flying Concorde in Flight Simulator from my mom’s house in Connecticut to my dad’s house in Florida. I was always frustrated by how much closer they felt in Flight Simulator than in real life.” —  Michael Tuccio, Responsible Engineer, Hydraulic Systems, XB-1

As responsible engineer for hydraulic systems on XB-1, Michael Tuccio leads the design, build and delivery of the system that will provide pressurized fluid for the flight controls and landing gear.

“What we’re working to develop at Boom is as close to a time machine that we have at the moment. It’s inspiring to be able to come to work every day knowing that the result of your work, sacrifices and time will enable future generations to connect and explore the world.” — Chris Palazzolo Senior Flight Test Engineer

Senior Flight Test Engineer Chris Palazzolo (center) works within manufacturing to support what’s most needed to drive the XB-1 program forward. He’s been responsible for precision structural assembly; supporting the engineering organization in getting component-level testing instrumented and executed; and providing targeted support to avionics integration.

“Supersonic aircraft have their own particular appeal to me. In terms of impact, an increase in speed is arguably the most transformative improvement to the way we travel, making the world more accessible at the reduced cost of time. Short of practical teleportation, halving travel times over great distances will forever be a big deal.” — Greg Krauland, Chief Engineer for XB-1

As Chief Engineer for Boom’s demonstrator aircraft, Greg Krauland leads the XB-1 engineering teams that are responsible for delivering a vehicle to Flight Test that safely meets program objectives. He also sits on the engineering review board with members from manufacturing, flight test, and program management that is responsible for decisions around schedule, cost, budget and safety.

“One of the things I’ve always desired in my life is to contribute to something that will truly change the world and improve humanity. I believe supersonic travel is one of those things. I think in 50 years we’ll look back at history and recognize that the re-advent of supersonic travel changed the world for the better.” — Jon Young, Fuel System Responsible Engineer for XB-1

As Fuel System Responsible Engineer for XB-1, Jon Young oversees the design, analysis, integration, ground test, and flight test for our supersonic demonstrator’s fuel system.

Faster, more sustainable travel that benefits people and the planet is on the horizon. The work underway in Boom’s Denver hangar will culminate in the return of supersonic commercial travel within a decade.

If the goal of supersonic travel inspires you, we invite you to explore career opportunities at Boom today.


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