Why we fly: The pilot’s perspective

The journey to earning a pilot’s license can be full of challenges. What are the moments that make it worthwhile?

Ask any pilot,

There is simply nothing like the experience of flying.

But if becoming a pilot was easy, everyone would do it. A private pilot license alone can take months or years to earn. Beyond aircraft mechanics, pilots must become experts in geography, weather patterns, orienteering, and crisis management. This often long and challenging undertaking may deter some, but it is part of what makes the experience of learning to fly worthwhile.

We spoke with some of the pilots at Boom to learn about their inspirations and early memories of flight.

Nick Sheryka, Principal Systems Design Engineer

My grandfather was a fighter pilot in World War II and I would listen to tales of adventure as a young child…I dreamed of the absolute freedom that flying an airplane wherever I want would give me.”

Mark Bassett, Aerodynamics Engineer

“I wanted to learn more about the practical aspects of aircraft and aviation. Becoming a private pilot has led to a better understanding of airplanes as a whole and the importance of handling qualities.”

Phil Le Goubin, Aerodynamicist

“I watched a number of space shuttle launches from Cape Canaveral back when I was young. I always thought it would be amazing to pilot something like that, so I started looking at what a kid could do to get started. I began flight lessons just a few years later.

Michael Cianelli, MBA Summer Associate

My dad took me to air shows as a kid and that sparked my love of aviation. I had an amazing flight instructor who pushed me to pursue flying all the way to becoming a Naval Aviator.”

Erin Young, Lead Flight Controls Engineer

“I went to space camp in middle school and became fascinated with space and flight. I loved the idea of being in the sky in control of an aircraft. My parents would not let me train in high school, so as soon as I graduated college and got my first job, I did it myself!”

Jon Young, Fuel Systems Engineer

My grandfather, an Air Force pilot during the Korean War, flew recon missions at night. He always provided me with airplane pamphlets and posters growing up. After I entered the workforce, a coworker took me up in a Beech Bonanza. That inspired me to take the leap.”

Regardless of what personally inspires a pilot to fly, for many individuals, flying means freedom and the opportunity to conquer a challenge. Stay tuned for more tales from the Boom hangar.


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