MACH 1.7

Cruise Speed


Faster over water


Faster over land


Profitable routes

100% SAF


201 FT

Nose to tail

60K FT

Cruising altitude

4250 NM

MAX Range (4888 mi/7867 km)


Passenger capacity

Powered by Symphony

The purpose-built turbofan optimized for supersonic flight.

Overture Systems Configuration

Key systems inside Overture — all designed and developed for optimal performance, efficiency, and safety.


All-composite aerostructures, supporting contoured fuselage and gull wings for enhanced aerodynamic efficiency.

Landing Gear System

Designed to support takeoff and landing operations; compatible with airport runways and taxiways throughout the world.

Flight Controls & Hydraulics

Flight controls feature active sidestick controls and three primary flight control computers, plus a fourth reversionary computer for additional safety. Triple redundant hydraulic systems provide reliable power for flight controls and mechanical systems.

Water & Waste

Provides cabin comforts for modern facilities.

Fuel Systems

Overture’s fuel systems provide center of gravity control during subsonic and supersonic operations, enable SAF compatibility, and supply fuel to the engines.

Environmental Control System

Bleedless, all-electric environmental control system uses multiple packs to provide passenger comfort and cabin pressurization.

Avionics & Electrical Systems

Advanced touch-screen flight deck features an Extended Vision System for takeoff and landing visibility. Time-Triggered Ethernet backbone connects cockpit and aircraft systems.

Key Systems

Leverage certified technologies, reducing program risk, and maturing Overture through aircraft systems development.

An Elevated Passenger Experience

Boom is combining rigorous passenger research with iterative design development to deliver an onboard experience that maximizes value to our airlines and is beloved by their passengers.

Building a Global Supersonic Future

A global team of industry leaders is supporting Boom’s mission to make the world dramatically more accessible.


Boom has selected Honeywell for Overture’s integrated flight deck and avionics platform.


Boom has selected Latecoere to develop the complete electrical wiring interconnect system (EWIS) architecture of Overture and Symphony.


Boom has selected Aernnova as Overture’s wing supplier.


Boom has selected Leonardo as primary engineering lead for fuselage structural components integration, design and build partner for fuselage sections.


Boom has selected Aciturri as Overture’s empennage supplier.


Boom and Safran Landing Systems are working to further develop Overture’s landing gear design, operation, and integrated systems and controls as the teams progress toward a final design for the Overture landing system.


Boom’s work with Eaton includes collaborations on hydraulic system analysis and design as well as fuel and inerting systems.

Collins Aerospace

Collins and Boom’s collaboration on Overture systems has included Ice Protection and Air Data Systems.

Florida Turbine Technologies (FTT)

FTT is leading engine design and assembly of Symphony initial production units for ground test, flight test, and certification.

Colibrium Additive

Colibrium Additive is providing additive technology design consulting for Symphony.


StandardAero is Symphony’s MRO partner, ensuring the propulsion system is designed for maintainability.

The Honeywell Anthem flight deck will be tailored for Overture’s specific mission requirements, helping to enable exceptional situational awareness and enhanced safety. The advanced avionics interface provides continuity to Boom pilots from initial flight training in a simulator, through to physical test flights.

Overture Facilities

Overture Superfactory 

In June, Boom completed construction on the final assembly line for Overture. The Greensboro, N.C. campus will also include a flight test facility and customer delivery center.

The Iron Bird

The Iron Bird, the facility housing a full-scale iron bird test structure, is being built in Centennial, Colorado.

SAF Providers Secured for Overture Flight Test Program

Boom is partnering with Dimensional Energy and AIR COMPANY, who will provide up to 10 million gallons of SAF per year for Overture’s net zero carbon flight test program.

Large and Growing Demand for Supersonic Travel

Demand for supersonic travel is at an all-time high.

High-speed Government Transport

Boom’s market-expanding relationship with Northrop Grumman is focused on defense variants of Overture.

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