A supersonic future without compromise

Founder & CEO Blake Scholl and SVP of Overture Development Brian Durrence share how speed, safety, and sustainability drive everything at Boom.

“Our vision is a supersonic future without compromise,” began Boom Founder and CEO Blake Scholl. Joined by SVP of Overture Development, Brian Durrence, the two Boom leaders spoke to Boom’s key value of speed, the importance of safety, and company objectives around sustainability, in a presentation following XB-1 rollout.

“Speed speaks to the core of what we’re building,” said Scholl, “allowing us to do more and see more, with no destination out of reach. It’s a fundamental principle at Boom because it speaks to the core of what we’re building.” But just as important, he reminded, are the safety processes and strategies behind how to achieve high-speed. Overture, the world’s fastest airliner, is also designed to be the safest and most sustainable.

Speed, Safety, Sustainability: Boom’s three core principles

“Speed motivates us, but safety is always at the forefronts of our minds,” continued Durrence. “It influences every decision we make, from engineering design and employee wellness, to the health and wellbeing of our future passengers.”

Durrence discussed Boom’s strategy to maximize safety standards, rather than just meet certification minimums. “Our objective is to exceed regulatory and certification requirements and provide additional features not readily available on other aircraft.”

For the passenger, Durrence discussed how safety and wellbeing would translate to a restorative experience for passengers. “Our goal is for passengers to arrive refreshed and energized.”

With speed at the core of Boom’s vision and safety driving each strategic decision, Scholl pointed out that sustainability holds the key to an enduring future of high speed travel.

“We want people to travel more often without worrying about adverse effects on the planet, said Scholl. “That’s why we challenged ourselves to make Overture 100-percent carbon neutral from day one.” He highlighted plans for Overture to run completely on sustainable alternative fuels and emphasized the importance of sustainability as a foundational principle.

“Ultimately, we believe travel is fundamentally a good thing for humanity and a planet where we can go more places, more often, is a better place to live,” he concluded.

Learn more about the benefits of speed, safety, and sustainability for the future of travel with Blake Scholl and Brian Durrence below:


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