Are You Ready to Build the Supersonic Future?

Boom team members share what they enjoy most about coming to work

Why do you want to work here? During the typical job interview, a manager will ask you this question. If your answer is to do the most exciting and challenging work of your career, you could be a great fit for Boom.

Read on to see if your aspirations match the culture you’ll find at Boom, and hear directly from the team about why they’re passionate about building the supersonic future.

“I can think of three things that make Boom the best place I’ve ever worked,” explains Senior Structural Engineer Gustavo Silva. “First, you have the people. Everyone I work with is incredibly capable, intelligent, and focused. We have a lot of smart people, but no smarty-pants to ruin the day. Second, you have the workplace environment. It’s very data-driven with no politics, no egos, no heroes, no villains. Third, you have the bragging rights. I’ve never had as many of my old friends and colleagues ask me about my job as they do now. And, while I try to play it cool, I have to confess that it feels good to be in this position.”

Silva is a mechanical and aerospace engineer by training, but works as a software engineer and numerical methods expert with the team building Overture, Boom’s supersonic airliner. He supports multiple engineering teams in determining how to best solve problems mathematically. Then, he helps implement the software that makes the math a reality. Silva bridges the communication gap between multiple-discipline experts.

Silva, who holds a PhD in Engineering Mechanics from l’École des Mines de Saint-Étienne, joined Boom following roles at Embraer and the German Aerospace Center.

“What I enjoy most about working at Boom is the general level of excitement and passion that’s evident throughout the company,” said Manager of Certification Tom Peters. “It’s the most striking thing about working here. Coming to Boom from a big OEM, and working for the government before that, I was fully expecting things to be a bit different. I’m surprised how unique and refreshing it is here (and, I loved my two previous jobs).”

With more than 40 years experience in certification, including long tenures at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Embraer, Peters is leading the work to fully certify Overture, Boom’s commercial airliner.

As Manager of Certification, Tom Peters’ role at Boom is two-pronged. First, he serves as technical expert for Overture’s certification. Second, he’s planning Overture’s certification program, where we will demonstrate that Overture complies with all applicable airworthiness and environmental standards.

“The multi-disciplinary optimization required to build a commercially viable aircraft is the largest challenge I have ever had the opportunity to help solve,” said Software Engineer Eric Dowty. “Every change in design affects the overall aircraft in a different way. As a lifelong engineer, being presented with a challenge that requires an incredible amount of teamwork and problem solving – to the highest degree – is the best aspect of my role.”

Dowty’s role is part software architect, part core contributor, and part software mentor. His team embeds itself within engineering units and builds custom software to support our subject-matter experts. His focus ranges from computational fluid dynamics (CFD), to aircraft conceptual design and optimization, to supersonic smart route planning and mission analysis.

Dowty joined Boom after eight years of service in the U.S. Air Force, where he attained the rank of captain working as a developmental engineer. His role included development of software for stealth aircraft (B-2, F-22, and F-35), nuclear command and control, and as an instructor of computer science at the U.S. Air Force Academy.

“The best thing about working at Boom is the incredible people. The engineers are literally world class. They are also collaborative and humble. For me, it’s a constant sprint to ensure I’m running as fast as they are and providing software solutions to support their work.”

Here, Dowty shares insights into working at Boom with cadets from the U.S. Air Force Academy.

“The people here at Boom play a big part in making it a great place to work,” said Crew Chief Tom Grindle. “We’re doing something not many people have done before, building not only a high-performance experimental aircraft, but a supersonic one as well.”

Grindle is responsible for all maintenance actions for Boom’s supersonic demonstrator, XB-1, and works closely with engineering to support flight test milestones. He also had the honor of leading XB-1 out of the hangar for the first time.

Grindle joined Boom after a long career with NASA. The majority of his career was spent at NASA Armstrong (previously Dryden) Flight Research Center where he started as an aircraft mechanic. He contributed to many projects, including asymmetrical thrust vectoring on the F-16 and F-15; volcanic ash ingestion research and its effects on jet engines; chief engineer on supersonic boom quieting with the F-15 Quiet Spike program; and as the lead propulsion engineer for the Hyper X (X-43A) hypersonic program at AFRC.

Crew Chief Tom Grindle tows Boom’s supersonic demonstrator out of the company’s Denver hangar for the first time.

“It’s immensely challenging and fun to balance the competing constraints of aerodynamics and propulsion, structures and systems – not to mention marketing and economics – together into a viable airplane design,” said Aerodynamics Engineer Marshall Gusman.

Gusman leads the preliminary design of Boom’s supersonic airliner, Overture. He works with teams across the organization, and specifically the engineering disciplines, to develop the best overall aircraft design to meet every requirement.

“I love working as part of a super sharp and highly motivated team because it inspires everyone to achieve their highest potential. Good airplane design requires both cutting-edge technology and historical understanding of previous designs. It’s a special combination of learning and doing that keeps the work exciting.”

Gusman, who leads the preliminary design of Overture, also played a fundamental role in the design of Boom’s supersonic demonstrator, XB-1.

From working with a highly-motivated team to embracing challenges you won’t find elsewhere in aerospace, the Boom team is united in its dedication to the company’s mission. To learn more about working at Boom, click here.

Inspired to take your career supersonic? Come work with us at Boom. Click here to explore career opportunities.


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