Collins Aerospace and Boom announce strategic collaboration

Boom’s flagship supersonic airliner, Overture, gains performance and sustainability enhancements through Collins Aerospace collaboration.

For more than 70 years, Collins Aerospace has provided innovative nacelle technology to the global aerospace and defense industry. Today, Collins has committed to working with Boom to enhance the performance and sustainability of Overture, Boom’s flagship supersonic airliner.

As what will be the world’s fastest airliner, Overture is designed to meet industry-leading standards of speed, safety, and sustainability. Through this latest collaboration, Boom and Collins will work in concert to develop inlet, nacelle, and exhaust system technology that enable fuel-burn reduction and cutting-edge acoustics.

“Through improved acoustics and lightweight materials systems, we can provide the next generation of supersonic propulsion systems with the nacelle technologies that not only enable higher performance and lower fuel burn, but also quieter operation,” said Marc Duvall, president of Aerostructures at Collins Aerospace. “Having completed 19 nacelle certification programs over the past decade, we’re uniquely positioned to collaborate with Boom Supersonic to create new propulsion-system solutions that will be key enablers of Overture’s success.”

The collaboration is focused on achieving cleaner, quieter supersonic flight at high-performance. As part of the process, Collins Aerospace and Boom engineers will be exploring the development of advanced acoustic and variable inlet and exhaust technologies required to minimize aircraft noise for passengers and airport communities.

“Boom is taking an all-encompassing approach to sustainability — from our commitment to make Overture 100% carbon neutral to minimizing community noise and emissions, we’re dedicated to making mainstream supersonic travel environmentally and economically sustainable.” said Blake Scholl, Boom founder and CEO. “We are leveraging Collins’ experience in developing more fuel efficient and noise attenuating technologies for nacelles to help us develop Overture as an environmentally responsible supersonic jet.”

Boom’s mission is to make the world dramatically more accessible by making supersonic travel mainstream. Overture is in its design phase with plans to finalize the configuration and begin building the first airliner while XB-1 is flying supersonic.

The work between Boom and Collins will in-part support Overture’s timeline to complete assembly of the first Overture aircraft in 2025 and achieve entry into service by 2029.


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