Countdown to XB-1 Rollout

For the first time since Concorde, a new supersonic aircraft will soon be unveiled.

The fuselage is built. The wings are tested and installed. The engines are ready. Boom’s supersonic demonstrator, XB-1, will roll out this October 7th, 2020.

53 years have passed since the world’s first supersonic airliner, Concorde 001, rolled out from its assembly hall in Toulouse, France. Yet, what was meant to be the harbinger of the supersonic age retired from the skies in 2003, leaving us to wonder if and when passengers would be able to enjoy supersonic speed.

This year, supersonic returns.

For the first time in history, an independently-developed supersonic aircraft will be unveiled to the world. XB-1’s complete assembly marks a turning point for future supersonic travel, by demonstrating the key technologies for safe, efficient, and sustainable supersonic flight.

While Concorde pushed the limits of what was technologically possible in its day, XB-1 was built upon the best twenty-first century innovation. Advanced aerodynamic design, carbon composite material, and high efficiency propulsion combine to make XB-1 a more sustainable and economical supersonic aircraft than generations past.

The return of supersonic will forever change how the world looks at travel. As a one-third scale demonstrator for Boom’s airliner, Overture, XB-1 continues to inform the design and development of the world’s next supersonic airliner and is laying the foundation for travel twice as fast.

The road to rollout

Up to this point, the world has watched XB-1 develop through the virtual windows of Boom’s hangar via the ‘Meet XB-1’ experience. From bonding events and closeouts, down to the 15,129 individual screws, Boom has broken industry precedent to share the details of this build.

With just a few short months between today and rollout, the curtains will slowly begin to close. The forward and aft fuselage will be joined, engines will be installed, and a flight-ready paint job will be applied, making XB-1 rollout the world’s first glimpse of this completed supersonic aircraft.

This event culminates years of hard work, innovation, and drive by the Boom team. The era-defining day will both shape how the world thinks of travel and celebrate the incredible people, community, and technology that brought us here.


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