Highlights: XB-1 Supersonic Rollout

Watch the complete rollout of XB-1, the world’s first independently developed supersonic jet.

XB-1, the world’s first independently developed supersonic jet, was officially unveiled on October 7th, 2020.

This historic event marked a pivotal turning point for the future of travel, by putting on display the key technologies for safe and efficient supersonic flight. With the completion of XB-1’s assembly, the team now looks towards the jet’s 100% carbon-neutral flight test program, with plans for XB-1’s flight test planned in 2021.

Don’t miss a single word or piece of the program. The virtual rollout broadcast is now available on demand on Boom’s website and Youtube channel. Read on for the highlights:

XB-1 | A New Supersonic Era
Boom Founder and CEO Blake Scholl kicks off XB-1 Rollout, discussing the vision and technological advancements behind XB-1.
Introducing XB-1 — Boom
See XB-1 unveiled for the very first time.
Explore XB-1 up-close
Every feature of this aircraft is optimized for supersonic performance. Explore each of these key components.
A message from Linkedin Co-Founder Reid Hoffman and Former Lockheed CTO Dr. Ray O. Johnson
LinkedIn co-founder and early Boom investor, Reid Hoffman, and former CTO of Lockheed Martin and Boom advisor, Dr. Ray O. Johnson highlight the importance of XB-1 for the future of travel.
Supersonic Design and Technology | Chief XB-1 Engineer
Boom’s Chief XB-1 Engineer Greg Krauland describes the key enabling technology behind the supersonic renaissance — advanced aerodynamics, materials, propulsion.
Behind the Build | Head of XB-1 Production
Boom’s Head of Production Mike Jagemann discusses the principles and processes behind XB-1’s build.
Explore Boom’s Avionics Lab with the Flight Test team
Boom’s flight test team shares an inside look at first flight preparations.
Foundations for Supersonic Development | VP of Programs & Operations
Why build a demonstrator aircraft? Boom VP of Programs & Operations Julie Valk explains how XB-1 has advanced Overture development.
Watch the full show:
See XB-1 unveiled for the first time in its fully assembled form, learn about the innovative technology behind supersonic travel, and enjoy presentations from Boom’s leaders, engineers, test pilots, and more.


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