Japan Airlines celebrates XB-1 Rollout and discusses Boom partnership

Boom partner and Japan Airlines Chairman Yoshiharu Ueki shares a message to recognize XB-1 rollout.

As Boom’s XB-1 rolled out from its hangar in Colorado, partners at Japan Airlines watched in anticipation from nearly 6,000 miles away. XB-1’s rollout marked a significant milestone towards the return of supersonic flight, a mission both Japan Airlines and Boom are partnered to ensure.

Following the event, Japan Airlines Chairman Yoshiharu Ueki shared a message to celebrate. “Japan Airlines has had the unique privilege of witnessing up-close numerous milestones that Boom has achieved, including the historic event of the XB-1 rollout,” he began.

“We see Boom successes to date in part because of their teams’ incredible vision, exceptional skills and commitment to safety and quality. We continue to provide our knowledge and experience in support of the program, and it has been a privilege to play this role and work together with Blake Scholl and the entire Boom team.”

Chairman Ueki closed with an important reminder of the benefits of supersonic travel. “We imagine supersonic travel bringing significant value to the aviation industry and to international passengers in particular. Boom is empowering the next era of travel through supersonic technology, and we are excited to embark on this journey with them.”

Watch the full message by Chairman Yoshiharu Ueki below:


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