Japan Airlines finds teamwork, progress on recent trip to the Boom hangar

Boom sits down with Vice President of Business Creation, Yasushi Omori to hear his thoughts.

“What I saw today was lots of people working and many parts being assembled. It was an amazing experience. Boom is very close to reaching the goal.”

Yasushi Omori is the Vice President of Business Creation Strategy at Japan Airlines. Earlier this season, Yasushi Omori and his team took a full tour of Boom headquarters to witness the build of XB-1 firsthand.

“We have been invested in Boom since the very beginning,” said Omori-san. “We are excited to report Boom is making significant progress in the hangar, and they are doing it through teamwork and hard work.”

Between meetings with the manufacturing, engineering, and design teams, Boom and JAL discussed updates on Overture design. “For the past several months, both JAL and Boom collaborated in a co-working program between Denver and Tokyo,” said Boom CEO Blake Scholl. “Teams from Boom spend as much time in Tokyo, experiencing airline operations firsthand, as JAL members spend in collaboration at the Boom hangar.”

“We offer our knowledge and experience in the airline service,” added Omori-san. “Combine this with Boom’s technology, and you have a package for very reliable, supersonic travel.”

“To have an airline at our side from the earliest days of Overture design is invaluable. We’re incredibly grateful for Japan Airlines,” said Scholl. “Together, we’re building an airliner that not only delivers headlining speed, but operational reliability, flexibility, and a great passenger experience as well.”

“Supersonic will make Japan accessible to the world,” concluded Omori-san. “Shortening travel time is a new kind of value creation we are excited to deliver.”

Watch the full interview with Yasushi Omori:



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