President Biden Highlights the Importance of U.S. Manufacturing on Stop in Greensboro

Boom founder & CEO Blake Scholl was a personal guest of the White House

“Making Greensboro a place where the future is being written.” Those were the words of President Joe Biden on April 14th at North Carolina A&T State University.

President Biden was in Greensboro, North Carolina — home to Boom’s Overture Superfactory — to highlight the state’s economic development achievements.

President Biden underscored the importance of U.S.-based manufacturing and innovation, highlighting companies that have recently announced new facilities and job creation in North Carolina. He also praised Governor Roy Cooper for the impact he is having on the state, especially in Greensboro.

“America needs a manufacturing renaissance now more than ever,” said Blake Scholl, founder and CEO of Boom, who was in attendance as a guest of the White House.

In January 2022, Boom celebrated its selection of the Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro as the site of its new manufacturing facility. It’s here that Boom will produce and assemble Overture, its supersonic commercial airliner. Overture will carry 65 to 88 passengers and is capable of flying on 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) at twice the speed of today’s fastest passenger jets.

“More is going to change in the next 10 years than in the last 50,” President Biden said, pointing to a wave of American innovation.

In addition to Boom’s role in redefining commercial air travel, the company will create 2,400 jobs in Greensboro by 2032, bringing an estimated $32.3 billion in economic impact to North Carolina over the next 20 years.

“It was an honor for Boom to be included in this event and inspiring to hear President Biden discuss the importance of American-made products and innovation,” Scholl said. “We are proud that Boom is making a strong contribution to this renaissance.”  

President Biden has also been actively promoting alternative energy sources, with a particular focus on Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) – jet fuel made from sustainable and renewable sources used as an alternative to fossil jet fuel (Jet A), which is made from crude oil extracted from the ground.

SAF can achieve net zero carbon, which is critical for Boom and the entire aviation industry to meet our aggressive sustainability goals.

Presidential support for SAF includes a blenders tax credit to advance clean aviation, which will make SAF more economical, and the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Grand Challenge to inspire the dramatic increase in the production of sustainable aviation fuels to at least 3 billion gallons per year by 2030.

Learn more about the Overture Superfactory and how Boom is building the supersonic future.


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