Quick tips: Landing your dream job in aerospace

An interview with Boom Founder and CEO Blake Scholl sheds light on some of the best applicant qualities.

“Does this feel like the best work of your career?” If you’re an employee at Boom, chances are you’ve heard this question before. Founder and CEO Blake Scholl often stops coworkers in the hall to ensure their job is as meaningful as it is challenging.

“I want Boom to be the place where the best people are inspired and enabled to do the best work of their careers,” says Scholl. “It’s people, not companies, who change the world, and that’s why our dream team is so important.”

Interested in landing a career at Boom? These are just a few of the top qualities the company looks for in applicants.

How do you build a dream team? Boom CEO @bscholl weighs in on how early-stage companies can attract and retain top talent. #Recruiting pic.twitter.com/C78z1sjJfJ— Boom Supersonic (@boomaero) February 25, 2021

1. Commit to the mission.

For Boom employees, building a dramatically more accessible world is a personal pursuit. “Our culture is mission-driven,” says Scholl. “What we’re doing is hard, so understanding the importance of our mission and maintaining a personal passion is a big part of how to be successful. Everyone here believes in a high speed future, because we all understand its power to bring people, places, and cultures closer together.”

2. Think for yourself

As the first private company to design, build, and roll out a supersonic jet, Boom is constantly pushing the limits of what others consider impossible.

“To work at Boom, you have to be technically very astute,” continued Scholl. “Our teammates understand complex concepts at the most basic, first principle level, and that’s in-part why we’re able to solve hard problems.”

3. See the full picture

More than technical prowess, employees are expected to always understand the full picture.

“Building the world’s fastest commercial aircraft is an inherently multidisciplinary pursuit,” says Scholl. “Our teammates consider not only technical feasibility when making a decision, but the requirements of regulations and certification, economics of the airline industry, and needs and wants of the passengers. Because of this, they are excellent communicators and collaborators, as much as they are subject-matter experts.”

4. Be a leader

Boom’s 150-person team has made contributions to more than 220 air and spacecraft programs. Across departments and disciplines, you’ll find world-class leaders who are renowned in their respective fields, and there’s a reason for that.

“It’s incredible to work with some of the best people in the world,” continued Scholl. “We strive hard to foster an environment where leaders can help shape the future.”

5. Inspire others

With a mission founded on bringing people closer together, teammates empower individual contributors to become leaders and always strive to put others first.

“My biggest dream is that we inspire more people to do big things that matter, whether that be within our organization or beyond” concludes Scholl. “Our world is filled with opportunity and problems to solve, so be a magnet for other great people and inspire innovation that helps others.”


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