The supersonic future: 500 routes flown twice as fast

Explore the travel possibilities aboard Overture, across more than 500 supersonically-viable routes.

In the pursuit of speed, humans invented steamships, railroads, airplanes, and jet planes, accelerating transport with each invention. Today, it is now possible to reach almost any corner of the planet in a single day. But, what if we could travel even faster?

There are more than 500 supersonically viable routes airlines can profitably fly. These long-haul transoceanic paths will connect countries and cultures across the globe, with second order impacts benefiting economies, healthcare, international collaboration, and so much more.

Imagine, cities now rarely visited become major destinations. Three-day business trips become just one. A donor heart arrives in time to save a life. Global leaders can solve crises face to face.

Traveling twice as fast as today’s airliners, the world becomes twice as accessible.

From New York to London in 3.5 hours instead of 6.5, one could fly across the Atlantic in time for late afternoon meetings and still arrive home to America in time to tuck the children into bed.

From Tokyo to Seattle in 4.5 hours instead of 8.5, travelers could cross the Pacific and save two days off a typical round trip, equating to fewer nights in a hotel and two more nights at home with loved ones.

From Los Angeles to Sydney in 8.5 hours instead of 14.5, Australia becomes as accessible to America as Hawaii is today.

Supersonic travel is about making it easier to access the people, places, and experiences that matter most. For passengers, this translates to more time with loved ones, more opportunities for travel, and less jet lag. For airlines, they gain operational flexibility and more routes flown per day.

Today’s unprecedented times have far-reaching implications for the aviation industry. However, it has reinforced the fundamental need for human connection and reminded us that nothing quite replaces the experience of being present in-person. From an operational perspective, these learnings enable us to design Overture to meet the needs of a post-pandemic world. We’re including all considerations, spanning from air flow and circulation in the cabin to naturally isolated seating configurations.

Within this decade, Overture will begin a new era of flight, faster than the jet age. Carrying passengers at twice the speed on more than 500 routes, the supersonic future will be defined by speed, safety, and sustainability. No destination will feel out of reach, and neither will our loved ones.


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