With the Return of Business Travel Comes Shifting Travel Priorities

Reframing of business travel is underway as excitement about a faster future grows — a recent survey of corporate travel influencers reveals that 95% are already having discussions around supersonic

Corporate travel influencers are in the middle of a re-evaluation of priorities for business travel, where productivity and wellness are at the forefront. In some cases, these ideals are brought together in an emerging new travel preference, blended trips that combine work and leisure. Boom partner American Airlines recently reported that blended travel — when travelers tack on vacation to their business trips — has taken about 15 percentage points of share, for a total of about 35 percent of all bookings on the airline.

Since the shift to working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for human connections with colleagues was thrust into the spotlight, as questions loomed about if video conferencing platforms would replace in-person meetings. As air travel continues its reemergence, the value of face-to-face meetings and in-person experiences has been solidified.

But the anticipation for a changing world of business travel doesn’t end there. There is a growing excitement for supersonic travel as a means of enabling in-person experiences, while also enhancing well-being and productivity of employees.

And corporate travel influencers are already looking ahead to a faster future where their employees and clients can be more productive and red eyes are no longer a dreaded part of international travel.

According to a recent survey of corporate travel policy setters, corporate travel influencers across a mix of industries, and travel agency policymakers that manage corporate air travel for businesses with heavy (50%+) long-haul transoceanic travel, significant supersonic air travel demand and credibility exists:

  • 94% believe supersonic air travel will be commercially available in the next 10 years 
  • 95% are a part of companies who have discussed supersonic 
  • 64% have had airlines talk to them about supersonic
  • 81% would switch their preferred airlines / loyalty programs to gain supersonic access 
Corporate travel data infographic showing that corporate travel managers are already planning for supersonic.
Enthusiasm for supersonic isn’t limited to corporate travel influencers — learn more about passenger supersonic demand research here.

Efficiency of travel is the largest driver of appeal for supersonic. Corporate travel influencers are also interested in a premium experience and promoting work/life balance. 

Supersonic uniquely serves an evolved set of needs and desires for passengers. On Overture, travelers will be able to get from Tokyo to Seattle in 4:30 hours instead of 9:15 hours. Flying supersonic will mean that overnight flights are no longer needed and a same day trip from the eastern seaboard to the UK or Europe is possible. The blended business and leisure trip no longer needs to be accompanied by a heavy dose of jet lag.

Sustainability also drives even more interest in supersonic air travel, as Overture is designed to run on 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). When asked about the impact of sustainable fuel on people’s interest in supersonic, 95% of corporate travel influencers are more interested in supersonic. 

Boom Supersonic's Overture leaving a hangar with a United Airlines livery.

“Not unlike changes in the workplace, business travel’s resurgence comes with expectations,” said Megan Young, SVP, Passenger Product Experience at Boom Supersonic. “It’s clear that sustainable, supersonic air travel on Overture is well positioned to satisfy these new expectations as a critical option for corporate travel influencers and a vital asset for the airlines.”

Boom Supersonic currently has orders and pre-orders for its sustainable, supersonic airliner, Overture from United Airlines, American Airlines, and Japan Airlines. 

Learn more about Overture here and passenger demand for supersonic being at an all-time high here.

Online survey conducted in November, 2022 with 300 Corporate Travel Policy Setters—specifically, 150 Corporate Travel Influencers across a mix of industries, and 150 Travel Agency Policymakers that manage corporate air travel for businesses with heavy (50%+) long-haul transoceanic travel.  


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