Boom Supersonic Signs SAF Offtake Agreement with AIR COMPANY

AIR COMPANY will provide up to 5 million gallons per year of AIRMADE™ SAF to power Overture flight test program and further Boom’s net zero carbon commitment

DENVER, September 23, 2022 Boom Supersonic, the company building the world’s fastest airliner, optimized for speed, safety, and sustainability, announced at Climate Week NYC that it has signed a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) offtake agreement with AIR COMPANY, which creates carbon-negative products from CO2. As part of the agreement, Boom will purchase up to 5 million gallons of AIRMADE™ SAF on an annual basis over the duration of the Overture flight test program, advancing the company’s net zero commitments. Overture will carry passengers at twice the speed of today’s fastest commercial aircraft while operating on 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

“Sustainable aviation fuel is critical to sustainable supersonic travel, and fuel made from CO2 is the most scalable pathway to abundant SAF,” said Kathy Savitt, President of Boom Supersonic. “We look forward to partnering with AIR COMPANY to power Overture’s flight test program with 100% SAF.”

AIRMADE™ SAF from AIR COMPANY is expected to power Overture during its net zero carbon flight test program at the Overture Superfactory in Greensboro, North Carolina. Using a similar proprietary technology that mimics photosynthesis to create its consumer ethanol, AIR COMPANY has developed and deployed its single-step process for CO2-derived fuel production using renewable electricity.

“AIR COMPANY and Boom Supersonic are two companies making real strides towards a markedly different world of aviation,” explained AIR COMPANY CEO, Gregory Constantine. “Working with Boom Supersonic to offer the first commercially available power-to-liquid SAF has been an incredible marriage of two forward-thinking companies, ready to improve the world in which we live and fly. We look forward to a long partnership and are excited to share more innovation as the relationship continues.”

This agreement with AIR COMPANY is the latest in a series of milestones Boom has achieved on its path to bring sustainable supersonic flight to millions of travelers. Boom is excited to work with partners committed to net zero carbon Overture operations. Boom was also the first aircraft manufacturer to sign the Amazon Climate Pledge in 2020, committing to achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement by 2040.

Boom recently released its findings after conducting extensive research analyzing key drivers required to achieve exponential growth in the SAF industry. Emerging SAF technologies can reduce up to 100% of carbon emissions compared to traditional jet fuel it replaces. While SAF production is still in its infancy, the SAF industry is well poised to achieve exponential growth seen in other renewable energy sectors. If SAF scales at the rate of solar energy, it could reach projected international jet fuel demand by 2036. This growth is necessary to address the global demand for aviation fuel with SAF in the 2030-2045 timeframe.

“As fuel stakeholders, Boom and our customers have a responsibility to help next-generation SAF scale,” said Ben Murphy, Boom’s VP of Sustainability. “Early buy-in from future SAF users like us sends a critical signal to researchers, producers, and investors that the demand is there.”

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Boom Supersonic is transforming air travel with Overture, the world’s fastest airliner, optimized for speed, safety, and sustainability. Serving both civil and government markets, Overture will fly at twice the speed of today’s airliners and is designed to run on 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Overture’s order book, including purchases and options from American Airlines, United Airlines, and Japan Airlines stands at 130 aircraft. Boom is working with Northrop Grumman for government and defense applications of Overture. Suppliers and partners collaborating with Boom on the Overture program include Collins Aerospace, Eaton, Safran Landing Systems, the United States Air Force, American Express, Climeworks, and AWS. For more information, visit

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AIR COMPANY is the world’s leading carbon utilization company, creating consumer and industrial products from carbon dioxide (CO2). The company’s patented and proprietary Carbon Conversion Reactor mimics photosynthesis, using only air (CO2), water and sun (renewable energy) to create carbon-negative alcohols and fuels from CO2. With three consumer products (AIR Vodka, AIR Hand Sanitizer, and AIR Eau de Parfum) brought to market thus far, AIR COMPANY is moving towards world-scale impact with its latest innovation – CO2-derived sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The company’s AIRMADE™ SAF will be certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) and the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC). Amongst a number of accomplishments, AIR COMPANY has received $40MM in venture capital funding to date and won an incredible amount of highly acclaimed awards: TIME Best Inventions, Fast Company World Changing Ideas, the NASA CO2 Conversion Challenge, R&D World’s R&D 100, and most recently, the Keeling Curve Prize, among others. AIR COMPANY is the future of carbon technologies. It is redefining what a regenerative future that works with nature, rather than against it, could look like.

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