Boom Selects Honeywell Anthem Integrated Flight Deck for Overture

Honeywell’s next-generation avionics enable optimal efficiency and safety for Overture

Today Boom announced it has signed a supplier agreement with tier-one aerospace leader Honeywell, joining a growing network of global suppliers for Overture. As part of the agreement between the two companies, Honeywell’s next-generation flight deck and its modular avionics platform will be incorporated into Overture. 

As a pioneer in integrated modular avionics, Honeywell has successfully matured multiple generations of flight deck technology. Honeywell’s unmatched expertise in the development and certification of large and complex avionics systems provides a foundation for the development and certification of a new generation of integrated avionics onboard Overture.

“Honeywell has an extensive history of aerospace innovation and shares our vision of a faster future through sustainable supersonic flight,” said Blake Scholl, founder and CEO of Boom Supersonic. “We’re proud to work with Honeywell to realize one of the most advanced flight decks in the sky, with state-of-the-art technologies that reduce pilot workload and increase safety.”

Intuitive, Intelligent, and Configurable

The Honeywell Anthem flight deck will be tailored for Overture’s specific mission requirements, helping to enable exceptional situational awareness and enhanced safety. The advanced avionics interface provides continuity to Boom pilots from initial flight training in a simulator, through to physical test flights. Anthem empowers pilots with advanced and intuitive features and capabilities that dramatically improve aircraft operability, including:  

  • Enabling display and control customization, allowing pilots to modify their flight path, review the changes, and initiate the new path with ease.  
  • Prioritizing improved situational awareness, streamlining the pilot’s primary tasks of aviating, navigating, and communicating. The platform leverages proven technologies, like conformal Synthetic Vision, to further integrate the pilot with the flight deck avionics. From visualizing energy management to increasing terrain awareness, the high resolution displays combine flight symbology with perspective terrain to make flying easier and safer. 
  • Next-generation touchscreen interfaces that grant ready access to features like the radio interface and graphical flight planning on the map.

“For decades, Honeywell has supported aircraft programs that build the future for aviation,” said Vipul Gupta, president, Electronic Solutions, Honeywell Aerospace. “We are looking forward to partnering with Boom to usher in a new generation of supersonic travel.”

Honeywell successfully completed the first flight of its Anthem integrated flight deck using its Pilatus PC-12 test aircraft in May 2023, paving the way for Federal Aviation Administration certification.  

About Honeywell

Honeywell Aerospace products and services are found on virtually every commercial, defense, and space aircraft. The Aerospace business unit builds aircraft engines, cockpit and cabin electronics, wireless connectivity systems, mechanical components, and more. Its hardware and software solutions create more fuel-efficient aircraft, more direct and on-time flights, and safer skies and airports.

Progress & Milestones

Boom's supersonic aircraft, Overture, flying at 60,000 feet.

Boom continues to expand its supplier network, adding several tier-one global aerospace leaders to support the development of Overture. At the Paris Air Show in June 2023, Boom signed structural supplier agreements with Aernnova for Overture’s wings, Leonardo for the fuselage and wing box, and Aciturri for the empennage. Boom recently selected Latecoere to develop the complete electrical wiring interconnect system architecture (EWIS) for both Overture and Symphony™.

Symphony, the Boom-developed engine that will power Overture, continues to advance through design, under the leadership of Scott Powell, who joined the team in August as SVP of Symphony. Boom recently conducted the Conceptual Design Review (CoDR) engineering milestone for Symphony, which paves the way toward Symphony’s first hardware rig tests planned for 2024. 

Symphony, the Boom-developed sustainable and cost-efficient engine for Overture.

Learn more about Overture, the world’s fastest airliner–optimized for speed, safety, and sustainability here. Read more about Symphony, the Boom-developed sustainable and cost-efficient engine for Overture here.


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