Production Overture design reveal

Contoured fuselage

Optimizes airflow to reduce drag, and increases fuel efficiency.

Compound modified delta planform

Improves supersonic performance and subsonic stability to maximize safety and efficiency.

Gull wings

Minimizes aircraft drag and thus required engine thrust.

The Symphony Engine

The sustainable and cost-efficient engine for Overture.

Mach 1.7 meets net
zero carbon

MACH 1.7

Cruise Speed


Faster over water


Faster over land


Profitable routes

100% SAF

Sustainable aviation fuel

201 FT

Nose to tail

60K FT

Cruising altitude

4250 NM

Range (4888 mi/7867 km)


Passenger capacity

Productivity meets

World-class collaboration

Realizing a sustainable, supersonic future

Iron Bird Systems Test Facility

The 70,000-square foot facility will test and validate Overture’s major systems in a functional framewor

Overture Superfactory

This state-of-the-art manufacturing facility will house the final assembly line for Overture aircraft testing and customer delivery. Located in Greensboro, NC.

Mach 1.7 meets net zero carbon

Boom is achieving net zero carbon by 2025 and partnering with stakeholders across the travel sector to build a more sustainable future of travel.

Path to first flight


Overture Superfactory announced


Overture design revealed


Production launch




First flight


Achieve type certification

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